Vin's Commission Info

I’m now offering commissions. I have three very simple price ranges. Simple, Detailed & Faux Oil. Price for a simple artwork is 60 EUR, detailed piece is 150 EUR and faux oil pieces are 250 EUR.Simple and detailed style commissions are done with watercolor-like brushes and faux oil styled ones are done with brushes imitating oil painting brushes.For best result, please send me a detailed information i.e. character sheet, multiple pictures etc.

Payment only via Paypal invoice, Artistree or ko-fi shop.For Finnish customers, bank transfer and MobilePay are also available.

Simple style

60 EUR

Detailed style

150 EUR

Faux Oil Style

250 EUR

Contact me for commission either via email (artist.vinders [at] , or !

Terms of service

Last update: March 14, 2024.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.Generalβ€£ Terms of Service and Prices are subject to change at anytime. You are only subject to the ToS and prices agreed upon at the time of the transaction.β€£ I reserve the right to reject a commission for any reason.β€£ All artwork is transferred digitally, unless specified otherwise.β€£ Any edits past 5 fixes during the sketch, will cost a fee.β€£ By ordering any nsfw/18+ art you are agreeing that you are 18 or older.Paymentβ€£ Payments will only be accepted through PayPal in EUR, via Artistree or via my ko-fi shop, unless specified otherwise. I require half payment before starting a commission and the other half after you have accepted sketch, you may also pay in full before the sketch is delivered. Once I accept your commission (if you choose to use Paypal invoice), I will send an invoice via PayPal, due in 14 days. Once the invoice is paid, I will start your commission. If the invoice is not paid, I will cancel the commission.β€£ Do not send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed I can accept your commission AND have asked for payment.β€£ When commission is bought via ko-fi, the full price will be charged after the commission has been accepted.β€£ You are also confirming that you are the owner of this account and money, or have permission to use it fully.β€£ Any attempts of chargeback will be considered bad faith by the buyer and will result in automatic loss of character rights/art made.
If you use the digital product after getting a refund you, you are fully aware of the possibility of legal actions.
DeadlinesTurnaround time should be 7- 16 days per artwork. I will provide an estimate time for completion and indicate if there is a delay in completing your commission.Usage Policyβ€£ My artwork is for personal use only. No commercial use of my artwork is allowed.β€£ I reserve the right to my artwork and the right to post it. If you would like your commission to be private, please let me know.β€£ My artwork and commissions can not be used as NFTs or AI image training.Refundsβ€£ You may receive a full refund only if I have not started your commission. If I have started your commission, I will issue a partial refund based on how much work is done. If I cannot finish your commission for whatever reason, you will be refunded in full.β€£ No refunds will be issued once artwork has been completed.Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information either via my email or dms.